Stories about a strange road where the wagon would run up on the horses heels when going uphill go back to the 1880's. In 1933 stories of cars rolling uphill without power peaked the curiosity of three newspaper reporters from the Saint John Telegraph Journal. In August of 1933 they traveled to Moncton and spent hours trying every hill they came to in hopes of unraveling the mystery. After 5 hours of no success they stopped to stretch their legs on the way home and you guessed it. . . the car started to roll uphill. Slowly at first and then with gathering momentum the car climbed uphill without power. They spent a couple of hours retrying the hill and using all the equipment they had brought to discover the secret. They noticed the water on the side of the road also running uphill. That ruled out magnetic properties. They decided it must be an optical illusion, but how and why they didn't know.
Shortly after they published their article, people started to come out in droves to the site and test it for themselves. A young local girl had started a business at the top of the road selling ice cream. She soon saw the potential of Magnetic Hill and over the course of 20 years, Muriel Lutes began to develop it to become a major tourist attraction.

Magnetic Hill has been a top attraction in New Brunswick for over 100 years. Originally part of a provincial highway, Magnetic Hill was eventually sold to the City of Moncton and preserved as a tourist attraction while a bypass highway was built around it. Magnetic Hill Park won a Top Attraction award with Attractions Canada. See for yourself - put your vehicle in neutral and let it roll uphill without power! Magnetic or magic? We challenge you to figure out the mystery.